Globalisation is blurring boundaries. You can buy an object online from a business operating in another country; manufactured entirely elsewhere in the world; couriered to you in a box that came from China.


What are the origins of this object?


My work draws attention to the humble cardboard courier box - constructed to protect the objects we trade and treasure, they are the by-product of instantaneous web consumerism, yet remain a scrappy parcel that is the antithesis of a modern digital transaction process.

However, there is more than meets the eye to these nondescript sacrificial surfaces. They have been on a remarkable journey across the globe and come into contact with many people and cultures.

My process is cartographic. I deconstruct and examine the cardboard packaging for traces of human interaction. Dents, marks, and tears provide sculpting cues while building up the work using layers of new mediums into a re-glorified surface. The final artworks have an informal ‘timber-esque' texture that is considered yet primitive, but perhaps of a new globalised era.