The Wagon

Cuba St


Light + Sound Exhibition

LUX Festival Wellington 2017

The Wagon mysteriously appears in its setting as though it was dredged from the ocean floor or some other parallel realm.

How did it get there? What is it carrying?


Nestled inside the boot of the wagon sits a portal to another microcosm. A gentle shifting aurora invites visitors to circumnavigate, touch, and examine the precious and peculiar cargo carrier. Shimmering fragments of light glisten and abstract shapes pulsate in time with a deep bass echo, uniting the movement of the animation.

Bring your face to the glass and peer through a window opening. Feel the heartbeat through your hands and body pressed against the vehicle. Embrace an otherworldly sense of serenity as you lose yourself in the depths of the Wagon’s catch.


Urban ‘light and sound’ public space installation within a car parked on the footpath (several parking tickets received). 


The Swing


Play intervention |

Wellington Sculpture Trust

Parking Day 2018


(Wellington Sculpture Trust Judges Award)

Designed with Studiopacific architecture

The city has become so serious...

Where is the swing you loved as a child?

Where is the swing you love today?

For one day that year The Swing occupied a car park in central Wellington and invited the public to re-occupy the street through play, lift their spirit and elevate their senses.






These unique works are the by-product of my painting process. I created them over many years by cleaning brushes between paint strokes while painting the array of landscapes featured in this website.
I wanted to honour this humble fabric debris by reconstructing it in a new format that celebrates the beauty of the subconscious painting process that is alive within the
artworks’ surface.

I invite you into my painter’s chair to take a glimpse into a private and administrative aspect of a painting’s evolution.